Choosing a Garden Playhouse for your Children

Choosing a Garden Playhouse for your Children

Wooden garden play houses are certainly popular with a great many parents of young children because they come in a wide range of different sizes and shapes.  Yes parents can go for those that are traditional such as a Wendy house, but they could also consider purchasing a playhouse which looks like a pirate ship or castle.

If you do build your children a garden play house you are providing them with a place to escape from the stresses of modern life because you are allowing them to let their imagination take flight.  Plus you can also have hours of fun just sitting watching them play in it and all from the comfort of your own living room.

But even before the process of building a garden playhouse can begin there are certain things that you will need to take into consideration first and below we look at just what a few of these are.

1.  What Size Garden Do You Have? – There are many things we discuss in this article when it comes to buying and building a garden play house and this is the most important one of them all.  You need to build a playhouse that will give your children plenty of room inside but won’t actually take up the whole garden, otherwise where are you going to sit when the weather is good.  Plus you also need to look at the size of the play house you are considering building because if it goes over a certain size (about 100 sq ft) then planning permission may be required before construction of the garden play house can begin.

2.  Location – This is another thing that needs to be considered very carefully before you actually buy and then start building a garden play house.  Ideally you need a spot in the garden where it gets lots of sunlight as well as providing you with uninterrupted views of it from anywhere in your home.  Also make sure that it is situated in a position in the garden that means that your children no matter their ages can get into it easily.

3.  Prefabricated Kit or Custom Made? – If your budget for buying and constructing garden play houses is somewhat limited then opting for those that come in prefabricated form are best.  As well as these including all the necessary materials to build the playhouse they also come with instructions that are very clear and easy to follow and it shouldn’t take that long to get it built.

If you would like a garden play house that will be suitable for your children as they grow older then it is worth considering spending a little more on getting a custom made one.  Not only will you be able to create a truly unique play house for your children to enjoy whilst they are growing up at home, but once they leave you may find it can be used for other purposes say converted to use as a summer house.

You also need to be careful that certain members of the family do not end up using the playhouse as garden storage for their tools and lawn mowers!  It can be an easy option to throw bit and pieces in there but try to resist the temptation!

In this article we have looked at just a number of things to be considered before purchasing wooden garden play houses.  If you keep these in mind when looking for a garden play house then you are likely to find one that not only will your children love playing it, but which won’t cost too much and won’t mean you have no garden to enjoy yourself.

Walton Garden Buildings are one of the largest manufacturers of wooden garden buildings in the UK, selling a range of playhouses, garden sheds and log cabins.

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