Playhouse To Encourage Kids To Garden

Did you ever think having an outdoor playhouse would encourage your kids to garden? Gardening, after all, is a creative activity and it would make perfect sense to tie the two together. Foster your kids love of gardening. The article by Sharon Marsh is taken from EzineArticles. Thanks, again, Sharon.

Get Your Child Gardening With an Outdoor Playhouse

By Sharon Marsh

Your child’s love of gardening can easily be combined with the love of their outdoor playhouse. Creating a garden that compliments your child’s playhouse may be a lot simpler than you probably thought possible. All one needs is a little time, some extra gardening space, and a lot of seeds! Yes, seeds.

Your child will be able to creatively reconfigure the area around their playhouse by starting a vegetable, flower or herb garden. Here are 3 great reason why you should consider helping your child convert that beautiful land directly outside their playhouse into something extra special:

Explore your child’s creative side! Have your child decide if they want a vegetable, flower or herb garden. Go to your local gardening center and have your child choose the seeds that they want to plant in their new garden. With some help, your child will be able to stake out where they will be planting their specially chosen seeds. Add a little bit of water and patience and in time your child will get a tremendous amount of satisfaction when they see the seeds begin to peek through the soil.

Gardening is great exercise! As you and your child dig, pull, and tend to the veggies, flowers and herbs, you and your child will be outside enjoying the fresh air and Mother nature at her best.

Your children will love harvesting their bounty. Imagine their glee when they pull up a carrot or pick a green bean for the first time knowing that they planted and nurtured it! Gardening will yield healthy foods and beautiful flowers that your child will be proud to say they helped grow.

When everything in the garden has grown, your child’s outdoor playhouse will be completely surrounded by what may look like an artist’s palette. Your child will never forget the experience of planning, planting, tending and enjoying their very own garden outside their very own playhouse.

Sharon Marsh, Ph.D., is a consultant in the food industry and a kid’s playhouse enthusiast. If you would like to know more about an outdoor playhouse please check out for more information.

If you are considering building your own playhouse, read this article describing a set of playhouse blueprints that will definitely help.

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